Peer Reviewed Publications

I am pleased to announce my new book has been published in the Springer Series on Cultural Computing.







The book explores the rapidly expanding field of networked music making and the ways in which musicians of different cultures improvise together online. It draws on extensive research to uncover the creative and cognitive approaches that geographically dispersed musicians develop to interact in displaced tele-improvisatory collaboration.

Book Chapters 

Mills, R. (2019). Rhythm, Presence, and Agency: Defining Tele-Collaborative Space as a Site for Net Music Pedagogy. In Busch, T., Moormann, P. & Zielinski, W. (Eds.): Musical practices and virtual spaces, Munich: Kopaed (in process)

Mills, R. (2014) The Metaphorical Basis of Perception in Network Music Performance. In A. Abrahams & H. V. Jamieson (Eds.) Cyposium: The Book, Brescia, Italy, Link Editions.

Mills, R. & Beilharz, K. (2014) The Networked Unveiled. Evaluating Tele-Musical Interaction. In L. Candy & S. Ferguson (Eds.), Interactive Experience in the Digital Age: Evaluating New Art Practice. London, Springer. More information.

Journal Articles

Mills, R. Slawig, M. Utermöhlen, E. (2016). “Flight Of the Sea Swallow: Increasing Tele-immersion in Cross-Reality Networked Music Performance”, Transactions, Leonardo, MIT Press, Vol. 49, No. 1, pp. 68-69

Mills, R. & Beilharz, K.A. (2012) ‘Listening Through The Firewall: Semiotics of Sound in Networked Improvisation’ in Organised Sound: An International Journal of Music and Technology, Vol.17 No.1 Special Issue ‘Networked Electroacoustic Music’, Cambridge University Press.

Conference Papers

Mills, R. (2014). “Flight of the Sea Swallow: A Multimodal Approach to Examining Collaborative Interaction in Networked Music Performance. In Proceedings of Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology, Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung, Berlin, Germany, 4-6th December 2014

Mills, R. (2011) “Tele-Improvisation: Cross-Cultural Creativity in Networked Improvisation”, in Proceedings of ACM Creative and Cognition,Atlanta, USA, 3-6 November 2011.

Mills, R. (2011) “Ethernet Orchestra: Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Interaction in Networked Improvisatory Performance”, International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Istanbul, Turkey, 14-21 September 2011.

Mills, R. (2010) “Dislocated Sound: A Survey of Improvisation in Networked Audio Platforms”, in Proceedings of New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Sydney, Australia, 15-18 June 2010.


Mills, R. (2014). Tele-Improvisation: A Multimodal Analysis of Intercultural Improvisation in Networked Music Performance (University of Technology, Sydney PhD thesis).

Conference Presentations, Posters & Performances
Cyposium of Cyberformance 12th October 2012: an online symposium on Cyberformance.
TADAEX 2nd Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition, 12th July 2012.
ACM Creativity and Cognition Conference , Atlanta, Georgia, 3-6th November 2011. One of twelve selected papers for presentation at the graduate student symposium. More details.
ISEA2011 – Paper presentation, 15th September 17:00-18:40 Sabanci Centre Room 4, Sabanci University, Istanbul. ISEA conference and festival ran concurrently to the Istanbul Biennale. View paper.
DRHA (Digital Resources for Humanities and Arts) Ningbo, China, 4-7th September, 2011. Abstract.
This paper presentation included a live networked performance featuring Chinese Guzheng musicians Tao Han and Mao Danheng playing with the Ethernet Orchestra. Unfortunately the performance was abandoned due to Internet access problems resulting in a live collocated improvisation. Listen to excerpt.
NIME++2010 Dislocated Sound: A Survey of Improvisation in Networked Audio Platforms pdf can be downloaded from here.
5th International Conference on Multimodality 2010, University of Technology, Sydney – Paper presentation and live improvised performance with Prof. Theo van Leeuwen.
Improvisation as Listening, ARC Cultural Research Network Colloquium, University of Technology, Sydney, Wednesday 9th December, 2009.

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