Peer Reviewed Publications

Book Chapters 

Mills, R. (2014) The Metaphorical Basis of Perception in Network Music Performance. In A. Abrahams & H. V. Jamieson (Eds.) Cyposium: The Book, Brescia, Italy, Link Editions.

Mills, R. & Beilharz, K. (2014) The Networked Unveiled. Evaluating Tele-Musical Interaction. In L. Candy & S. Ferguson (Eds.), Interactive Experience in the Digital Age: Evaluating New Art Practice. London, Springer. More information.

Journal Articles

Mills, R. & Beilharz, K.A. (2012) ‘Listening Through The Firewall: Semiotics of Sound in Networked Improvisation’ in Organised Sound: An International Journal of Music and Technology, Vol.17 No.1 Special Issue ‘Networked Electroacoustic Music’, Cambridge University Press.

Mills, R. Slawig, M. Utermöhlen, E. (2015). “Flight Of the Sea Swallow: Increasing Tele-immersion in Cross-Reality Networked Music Performance”, Transactions, Leonardo, MIT Press (Forthcoming).

Conference Papers
Mills, R. (2011) “Tele-Improvisation: Cross-Cultural Creativity in Networked Improvisation”, in Proceedings of ACM Creative and Cognition,Atlanta, USA, 3-6 November 2011.

Mills, R. (2011) “Ethernet Orchestra: Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Interaction in Networked Improvisatory Performance”, International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Istanbul, Turkey, 14-21 September 2011.

Mills, R. (2010) “Dislocated Sound: A Survey of Improvisation in Networked Audio Platforms”, in Proceedings of New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Sydney, Australia, 15-18 June 2010.


Mills, R. (2014). Tele-Improvisation: A Multimodal Analysis of Intercultural Improvisation in Networked Music Performance (University of Technology, Sydney PhD thesis).

Conference Presentations, Posters & Performances
Cyposium of Cyberformance 12th October 2012: an online symposium on Cyberformance.
TADAEX 2nd Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition, 12th July 2012.
ACM Creativity and Cognition Conference , Atlanta, Georgia, 3-6th November 2011. One of twelve selected papers for presentation at the graduate student symposium. More details.
ISEA2011 – Paper presentation, 15th September 17:00-18:40 Sabanci Centre Room 4, Sabanci University, Istanbul. ISEA conference and festival ran concurrently to the Istanbul Biennale. View paper.
DRHA (Digital Resources for Humanities and Arts) Ningbo, China, 4-7th September, 2011. Abstract.
This paper presentation included a live networked performance featuring Chinese Guzheng musicians Tao Han and Mao Danheng playing with the Ethernet Orchestra. Unfortunately the performance was abandoned due to Internet access problems resulting in a live collocated improvisation. Listen to excerpt.
NIME++2010 Dislocated Sound: A Survey of Improvisation in Networked Audio Platforms pdf can be downloaded from here.
5th International Conference on Multimodality 2010, University of Technology, Sydney – Paper presentation and live improvised performance with Prof. Theo van Leeuwen.
Improvisation as Listening, ARC Cultural Research Network Colloquium, University of Technology, Sydney, Wednesday 9th December, 2009.


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